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Emily Burdon .::. Professional Dog Handler .::.

We are based in Canada but travel throughout the world ! 
Unfortunately this year we may not know which shows we will be attending  until  just prior to closing. 

There are some shows however that we attend every year. Below is a list of upcoming shows we plan to   attend.  Please contact me directly to confirm shows and availability.



3,4,5,6            Erie Shores KC, Caledonia ON

9,10,11,12        St Francis, Brome QC

16,17,18,19       Monarch KC, Dorchester ON & Kingston & District, Odessa ON

 20,21,22          Westminster KC, Tarrytown NY

23,24,25,26       World Dog Show, Madrid Spain

24,25,26            Assoc. Canine Mauricie, St anne-de-la-Perade QC

30,1                 Bobcaygeon, Norwood ON***


1,2,3,                Chateaugay Kc, St. Antionne Abbe QC 

4,6                    Pine Ridge KC, Norwoood ON

 8,9,10               Sault Ste Marie, Echo Bay ON

14,15,16,17          Kars Dog Club, Lombardy ON

18,19,20,21          Ontario Breeders, Lombardy ON

22,23                 Kars Dog Club, Lombardy ON

29,30,31,1           Alberta KC, Calgary AB 


4,5,6,7            Edmonton KC, Edmonton AB or Kilbride KC, Caledonia ON

11,12,13,14       Manitoba Canine, East St Paul MB or Ste Catherine's KC, Welland ON

19,20,21           TIKO, Brockville ON or New Brunswick KC, St Johns NB

23,24               Markham KC, Pickering ON

25,26,27,28        Elgin KC, Dorchester ON  or

26,27,28,29        SD&G, Long Sault ON AND All Specialties


** To Be Determined ...

***With the current worldwide health outbreak of COVID-19 a lot of  shows in Canada have been cancelled or having difficulty organizing... Our hopes are that things can go back to a more regular schedule this year! Please contact me for more info.


Please visit again for updates