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Emily Burdon .::. Professional Dog Handler .::.

The passion of presentation...‚Äč

TOP DOGS FOR 2021 shown by Emily Burdon & Team

#1 Rhodesian Ridgeback  #2 SPORTING #10 ALL BREEDS

#2 Australian Shepherd #5 HERDING

#1 Border Terrier #3 TERRIER #13 ALL BREEDS

#1 Brittany Spaniel #4 SPORTING

#1 & #2 WH Vizsla

#2 Portuguese Water Dog #22 WORKING

#1 Belgian Shepherd #8  HERDING 

#1 Dandie Dinmont Terrier

#1 Shiba Inu

#4 WHP Griffon

#1,2 & 4 WH Vizsla

Welcome... Ever since I could walk I've devoted my time to the sport of purebred dogs. Now being heavily involved...I have fully entered the competitive world of Professional Handling...My goal as a handler is to represent your dog with utmost care & attention to detail and conditioning.  Present your dog with flair and rapport while bringing out the ultimate best in your dog,  letting its qualities shine while leaving a lasting impression with the judge.  

My Father Graeme Burdon has been one of Canada's top Professional handlers for over 30 years. Being a member of the CPHA he certainly has helped me learn to bring the best out of every dog. We show almost every weekend throughout Canada. I live in in Montreal, Quebec and mostly travel to shows in Ontario, Locally, throughout Canada & abroad. I show and groom all breeds to perfection...I've been extremely lucky for all the success that I've had. I'd especially like to thank all the breeders and owners for the quality of dog I've had the pleasure of showing continually..